Del Atkins - An Introduction to EMDR

Saturday, 18 February 2023 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm

This is the rearranged event that was due to be held in person after our AGM in October.

Del will now present his introduction to EMDR to us via Zoom. This will be a starter session, for anyone interested in this topic who would like to learn a little more about what EMDR is about.

Please note that the session will be recorded. This means that for a limited time, you will be able to watch the sessions at your own time if you are unable to make it on the day or want to watch it again in your own time. Tickets must be purchased prior to the event, even if you only wish to watch the recording at a later date. It will be recorded in speaker view, but please be aware that by purchasing a ticket, you give your consent for us to record and distribute the session.