Dr Rachel Freeth Working with Clients who have Psychiatric Diagnosis

Saturday, 10 September 2022 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

It is now very common for people experiencing mental and emotional distress to be given a psychiatric diagnosis. This includes many clients seeking and receiving counselling and psychotherapy. This session will offer a conceptual overview of psychiatric diagnosis and the classification of mental disorders, along with providing an insight into how a psychiatric diagnosis is made. It will also consider the range of subjective meanings and psychosocial consequences of receiving a psychiatric diagnosis and explore some of the implications for our work as counsellors and psychotherapists.

Rachel previously worked as an NHS psychiatrist in the NHS. Throughout most of her psychiatric career she has also been a person-centred counsellor. Straddling these two very different worlds, Rachel has for many years also provided workshops and talks for counsellors and psychotherapists on subjects relating to psychiatry and mental healthcare. See www.rachelfreeth.com for her publications, including her latest book Psychiatry and Mental Health. A guide for counsellors and psychotherapists (2020; PCCS Books).

Please Note: This will be an online workshop, via Zoom