Hannah Rees - How we use Voice in Therapy

Saturday, 19 November 2022 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Hannah Rees is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and Supervisor and Gestalt Psychotherapy Tutor, EMDR and Trauma Specialist and Voicework and Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider.

In this Zoom workshop she would like to introduce you to Improvised Dyadic Singing which she outlines in the chapter called Embodied sound: Voicing the voiceless Self in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy: Using an Integrative Theoretical Frame edited by Claire Louise Vaculik and Gary Nash. Improvised dyadic singing is a form of improvisation to support clients who may struggle with using words alone. This creative communication can give clients permission to put their most precious and safely guarded feelings and affect into expressive vocalisation and improvised song.

The "sung voice" is the most intimate musical expression of our relationship to our self and can be an immediate way of accessing wounded, even pre-verbal parts of ourselves that may have remained silent for a very long time. By bringing them into vocal expression these parts can be welcomed and befriended by creating a new song of self.

As you get to know your "sung voice" through creative and embodied expression you begin to find your voice in the world.

Hannah hopes to introduce us to some of her work, as well as inviting us to reflect on our own relationship to our voice, and having the opportunity to hum, sound, sing or improvise as a group on Zoom.

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