Tip of the Iceberg – Working with Shame

Saturday, 19 March 2016 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Lyn Jennings will present a practical workshop with space for reflection and discussion on the subject of ‘shame’ in our therapeutic work. During the workshop we will explore the ‘manifestation of shame’, the ‘circle of shame’ and the relationship between ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’.

Lyn worked initially as and Educational Psychotherapist, and trained on the course set up by Irene Caspari, Chief Educational Psychologist at the Tavistock Institute, where she met John Bowlby and heard him speak on Attachment Theory. She completed her Counselling Training at CSCT (Central School of Counselling and therapy). Following completion of a Masters in Counselling and a Diploma in Supervision, she worked as a lecturer at several colleges and institutions, including the University of Chichester. She taught on the Humanistic Diploma and Degree course, as well as leading the module on Creative Supervision in the MA and Transpersonal Arts & Practice.

Cost: Members £10. Each member may bring one guest for the sum of £20. Payment is made on arrival at the venue.