Transitions: Janet Aldridge

Saturday, 16 May 2015 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Members Only Workshop 

Facilitator: Janet Aldridge


Many of us have an inner pull towards the status quo, especially if it is comfortable, and when we make changes we enjoy the sense of mastery that that brings. When change is imposed on us, often change that takes place over weeks or months or even years, then we find ourselves in the land of transition. Learning to navigate that period of the unknown, perhaps the unknowable, and the resources needed for this is a challenge indeed.

There are stages to transition, and those who have offered wisdom. There is also our own experience of having gone through the transitions of our own lives. This is an opportunity to look at how we may bring skill to these unasked-for, and often unwanted, happenings; to find ways of travelling through them that allows us to grow as human beings and bring that learning to our work as counsellors and psychotherapists.

Janet Aldridge is a BACP Snr Acc. and UKCP Reg. psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, retired head of a university counselling service, now continuing in private practice and the co-ordinator of a voluntary counselling agency. She has offered training over the years to many groups of counsellors on topics such as mental health, family relationships, dreams and spirituality. She last offered this workshop to counsellors at a national conference.